Thank you for visiting my website and allowing me to share with you my nature, wildlife and landscape photography. With each image, I’ve tried to capture that moment in time as I saw it. When making photographs, I’ve tried my very best to leave nature, and particularly my subject, undisturbed; for I'm merely an observer. None of my wildlife images were taken of captive animals - - they were all shot in their natural settings.

All images are offered for sale in the form of Fine Art Prints with various options, including matting and framing, as well as licensing.

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Throughout my life I’ve visited and explored National Parks, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas and other wild lands. During this time, I've developed a passion for photographing nature. I have a great love and respect for nature and a desire to do my part to see that it's wilderness and natural wonders remain for all time. Through my photographs, I hope others are exposed to nature in a way that they too are inspired toward this goal, and are motivated to spend more time with nature. As we all observe nature, we understand it’s fragileness and how one thing so much depends upon another.

I’m a member of numerous professional organizations, such as the North American Nature Photographers Association and Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers. I'm also an active supporter of many state and national organizations whose mission is protecting the World's environment, natural wonders and wildlife.

My photographs have been selected as winners in several contests as well as published in various prominent nature magazines.


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